How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Learn how to optimize your linkedIn profile (Pic Credit: Unsplash)

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a premier business networking site and we are all very well aware of its popularity. Having a high quality LinkedIn profile is now nearly as essential as having a resume to find a job or advance your career. Whether you’re launching your career or re-evaluating it, changing your job these days usually involves LinkedIn. Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and evaluate candidates, and most hiring managers will view your LinkedIn profile before they interview you. 

The job search app boasts nearly 500 million members, with more joining each day. But you want to stand out. Read on to know how.

Build your profile

Building an impressive profile on LinkedIn is as necessary as dressing up for a job interview. 

  • Consider writing your full name- you do not want to write your nick names or short forms of your name. Give the name you’d want to use in the official environment
  • Profile picture- Use a good head-and-shoulders photo in business clothes. Make sure you put on a warm smile and look approachable
  • Brand yourself with the headline- You want recruiters or other connections to know what exactly you are or you do. 
  • A brief summary- Write an engaging but brief summary about yourself. This is basically an explanation to what you mention about yourself in the headline.
  • Education and Qualification- Don’t forget to mention your Education and Qualifications on LinkedIn. Chances are, recruiters are searching for certain Degrees or Qualifications only. You can also mention what school or college you went to.
  • Experience and Skill set- Feel free to mention all your experiences, no matter how if it was a part-time, full-time job, internships or volunteering work. Everything Counts. Boast every little skill set you acquired throughout. But Be Genuine
  • Request Recommendations- Displaying recommendations on your profile would be a great add-on. Request recommendations from your supervisors, managers or co-workers. 
  • Other Accomplishments- List out all your other accomplishments like certifications and licenses you hold. 

Search for people on LinkedIn and build your network

Search for people with similar interests, role models and influencers to broaden your professional network and expertise. If you are finding difficulty searching for names, you can also look up for company names or job titles. 

Search for class mates. Can’t remember the names? Filter out by adding the name of the school you all went to in the “Add school field.” Feel free to send connections to them all.

Explore companies, organizations, schools, universities and industries. Follow them, in this way you are putting yourself out there, which makes your profile visibility chances even stronger. This will also keep you updated on job openings. 

Alert Recruiters that you’re on the market

Just building an impressive profile on LinkedIn will not be sufficient. You’ll need to let recruiters know that you are available and are open to opportunities. Don’t be a stranger. Like all other social media platforms, LinkedIn thrives when users interact. 

Go to home-feed reasonably often to post work-related news and to comment on updates from your network, post your designs, writing work, videos or anything work related. In this way you’ll gain credibility and visibility.

Additional Tips

  • Be You, Be Genuine
  • Follow Hashtags
  • Follow Influencers and CEO’s of Giant companies- you’ll get to learn a lot
  • See how other people are writing about themselves, take an inspiration from them while creating your profile
  • Be active and keep your profile updated