How to save Money with Honey!

How to save Money with Honey!

Who doesn’t love to save when on a shopping spree be it either at Walmart, Amazon or at Macy’s ? I personally love shopping from Macy’s when it comes to clothes, shoes and jewellery but I also make sure to shop only when they are offering the best prices and discounts. My another go-to shopping place is Amazon, it is one of my favourite one stop online store especially when I’m really lazy to go outside but i also want to shop, and also have to improve those flustering and unsettling moods and nothing could be better than a retail therapy.

And what could make your shopping experience even more better and exciting ? Killer deals ! Hands Down ! Because you also want to save money.

If you are a customer who loves to shop during sales, or a customer who deliberately checks and compares prices before buying any product, always search for coupon codes or a customer who can wait until price drops – Don’t worry, when you have Honey !

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Honey is a free browser extension that lets you buy best deals online and automatically applies online coupons. It provides you with tools which takes you to find best savings, perks and all around value.

Honey Science Corp. is an American technology company headquartered in Los Angeles, California founded in 2012 by its two founders George Ruan and Ryan Hudson. It’s browser extension has become available on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Honey, when added to your chrome extension automatically finds and applies coupon codes on 40,000+ popular sites, analyzes the price history for you and checks how much the price of an item has gone up and down in the past, gives an option to drop items to the drop list and notify when the price for the item has dropped, also compares prices from every seller and shows you the lowest of all. You can also earn rewards and redeem gift cards at your favourite stores.

Simply add it to your Chrome extension and fatten savings with coupon codes. It’s just one click away.