PriceBlink- Be a cheapskate while shopping

PriceBlink- Be a cheapskate while shopping

What is PriceBlink? 

PriceBlink is a browser extension that makes easy for shoppers to get the best deal possible by automatically checking for lower prices and coupons just like the browser extension Honey.

Founded on Feb 06, 2010, this plug-in works well with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari browser, it discreetly notifies you if the product you are looking for is available for a lower price from another retailer, or if there are coupons available from the retailer you are shopping on. The best part about it is that, it stays hidden when you are not shopping. Unlike toolbars that take up valuable screen space when you’re not using them, PriceBlink is smart enough to know when you’re shopping and will only appear when it has found coupons for the store you’re viewing or price comparisons on the item you’re viewing

Although internet has reduced the frustrations sometimes caused to some by the traditional way of physical shopping and made it easy by providing millions of online stores just at your fingertips, at times it can get really overwhelming and tedious of a task to find best deals and offers you are looking for. Behold what PriceBlink can do for you; bargains with mutual advantage of course!  When you are viewing a product, PriceBlink automatically scans over 4,000 merchants for lower prices; money saving coupons automatically appears when you shop at a store online. Shop limitless with no regrets with this personal shopping assistant tool.

So this Holiday season take no shame in being a cheapskate while you shop, and make the most of the extravagant sales offered by your favorite stores by using this amazing tool- PriceBlink.