Shopping secrets we deserve to know

Shopping secrets we deserve to know

We’ve all been there- casually scrolling and swiping through social media, when suddenly the perfect outfit appears. The problem? The person wearing these killer clothes hasn’t tagged or linked them anywhere(rookie mistake), and it’s going to take you all day(and some uncomfortably desperate DMs) to find out where to buy them.

Fortunately, a handful of brilliant shopping apps can identify the brands for you. All you need is a photo or screenshot app will allow you to access real, shopable content from bloggers, influencers, and celebrities who are in the community. You can find and follow your favorite influencers so you never miss their posts or search for something specific to see it styled in all different ways on all different people.

When you take a screenshot of a look that’s tagged #liketoknowit, the app will be able to tell you exactly what someone’s wearing, how much it costs, and where to buy it.

The collection sharing feature of the app will let you share your curated collection with friends via text messages, social media or email, so they can browse and shop what you are loving

ScreenShop by craze

ScreenShop provides the user with powerful machine learning tools to intuitively tailor the results to your imagination. You simply need to upload a photo or a look you love and browse similar items by applying color, category or celebrity styles to it and find the exact match or similar products.

You can either purchase the products immediately or save for later in the favorite products

“Shazam for clothes”, quoted Vogue regarding the App


Pinterest allows you to buy products directly from some retailers on Pinterest with product pins. If you see a Pin with a shopping tag in the corner, click the Pin to see-to-date pricing and availability. 

You can spot items to buy when you’re looking through your home feed or searching for specific things on Pinterest. If you want to shop something inspired by the ideas you’ve already saved, go to any of your boards about style, home decor, beauty, or DIY, and check out the “More Ideas” tab


The Hunt- style & shopping

The Hunt is a style and shopping app that lets you browse endless outfits and also get style suggestions. With the Hunt, You can track down the that impossible-to-find item. All you need to do is post the image of the outfit or look you like, the Hunt’s community will go to work to identify it for you. 

The App will also allow you to exchange style advice with other members, influence the community and share tips and also hunt down what a celebrity was wearing. There are even tutorials and you can buy anything you happen to like in The Hunt.


ShopStyle is a fashion and lifestyle shopping platform for influencers and consumers to search, explore and find exactly what they’re looking for all in one place. It scrapes hundreds of shopping websites and aggregates all their products in one place. 

When you search for something you need in the app using your natural language for example, “Lela Rose Blue dress” the app will automatically recognize the designer, colors, item types, and more. From there you can filter and sort, save your search, and even track certain items that go on sale.