Tips to leverage your Upwork profile

Img Credits: Pixabay

Tips to leverage your Upwork profile

Freelancing is currently in the mainstream and is becoming a more and more common practice in this age and time. According to sixth annual “Freelancing in America” study which surveyed more than 6,000 U.S. workers over the age of 18, estimates that 57 million Americans freelance. 

Freelancing has become a long term career choice for an increasingly diverse group. With abounding freelancing websites out there, Upwork is one of the largest freelancing website. It enables businesses to find and work with highly skilled freelancers. 



Img Credits: Pixabay

Dana Rowley, Brand and Marketing Strategist and Upwork Ambassador to San Diego, helps freelancers better their careers. In a recent webinar hosted by Dana about “Profile Make over,” she talks about the benefits of a great profile on Upwork and why does it really matter? 

“30% of job posts on Upwork are often ‘private’ and ‘invite only’, so you want to be sure that your profile is in good shape. Because a great profile boosts visibility and helps you stand out from the crowd”, says Dana.

Dana has shared a few tips and tricks that can help leverage your profile. 

6 simple photo tricks:

 Photos are really important. It helps communicate and reminds people that you are not a robot or a computer, you are a real person with real skills.

1. Use plain and light background

2. Natural lighting

3. Professional attire

4. Close-up portrait

5. Friendly, welcoming facial expression

6. Eye contact with camera

7. HD quality pictures

Upwork has actually tested and found that pictures in color are viewed better than black and white


Stand out from the crowd with your title:

 Help clients understand what you do-

  • Keep a simple, succinct summary of your expertise

  • Be original and creative

  • Include relevant skills that you’re offering and in which you’re seeking projects

  • Keep it focused: Fewer than 10 words


Craft your overview as a pitch to prospective clients:

  • Start with clear, relevant information about your primary skillset and expertise(easy to scan through)

  • Match overview with your overall profile expertise

  • Be original and creative

  • Focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals, use specific keywords

  • Avoid errors and grammatical mistakes

  • Don’t include email, phone no, Skype id in the overview. Its against Upwork policy


Add skill tags for clients to find you:

  • List skills that reflect your expertise and you can back up in your other profile sections

  • List max 10 relevant skillset

  • Order skills according to your primary skill sets

  • Update skill tags as you develop new skillset


Establish a personal connection with an intro video:

  • Crete a script- describe what you can do for prospective clients

  • Get ready for the video shoot- practice your script, frame the shoot

  • Review and publish


Turn your portfolio into exciting case studies

 Profile with good portfolios give more views

  • Tell your story through your projects and showcase your expertise visually and in words

  • Upload a portfolio piece for each service you provide to back up your skillset

  • Add relevant and most representative work samples

  • Provide details for each portfolios item (skills, description, contract linking)

  • Obtain clients’ permission before posting

  • Update regularly


Leverage the portfolio creatively for different skills: 

 Try to include the following relevant to your work

  • A case study you’ve done

  • Snippets/excerpts of work

  • Screenshots (work related)

  • Results you’ve obtained from different projects

  • Testimonials from clients

  • Work samples


Past work history

 Help clients understand your background 

  • Include employment history on and off Upwork

  • Add descriptions about responsibilities and examples of accomplished projects

  • Create separate entries for most impressive or long term projects

  • Highlight certifications and other experiences

If you want to get started on your Freelance career and are looking for projects, then simply sign up on and find the freelance jobs that suits your portfolio the best, right at the comfort of your home.