LibreOffice- An alternative to MS Office

LibreOffice- An alternative to MS Office

LibreOffice is a powerful, free and open-source office suite, a project of ‘The Document Foundation’, a non-profit organization that promotes open source document handling softwares. It was bifurcated in 2010 from, which was an open-sourced version of the earlier StarOffice.

It is used by millions of people around the world. Its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity with its included applications. It is compatible with a wide range of document formats such as Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Publisher.

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I personally love to use LibreOffice for it includes several applications that make it the most versatile, it’s available in 115 languages and above all it’s free. It has all the applications you need and the best thing about it is continuously improving and getting better by every new release.

LibreOffice is a successor to, commonly known as OpenOffice, which in turn was based on StarOffice. Many years of development have gone into the software, and it has been used in its various incarnations by millions. Today, LibreOffice is by far the most active continuation of the codebase, with releases every six months and hundreds of contributors.

You can download LibreOffice for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and install it yourself. It’s a piece of cake!