Apple is considering bundling its paid internet services

Apple is considering bundling its paid internet services

Yet another announcement from Apple stacked for the year 2020. This multinational company is  contemplating on bundling up its internet services, including Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Music as soon as 2020 in order to gain more subscribers, as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple has already begun experimenting with this kind of approach when it recently started a free Apple TV+ subscription to students who are already Apple Music subscribers and now its planning on rolling up news, music and videos services for all. The reason for bundling up its services as a mega subscription is to attract subscribers and increase its growth. However, it looks like this strategy of Apple’ doesn’t appease publishers in business with Apple News+.

Apple News+ subscription gives access to dozens of publications to its readers for $10/month from which Apple keeps 50% and the other 50% is shared by the publishers of magazines and newspapers associated with it. If Apple News+ is bundled up with Apple TV+ and Apple Music the cost of Apple News+ would likely be reduced which eventually would reduce publishers cut.

Still, few executives are pleased with how Apple has gone so far.

“The financial results to date are consistent with our expectations,” Norm Pearlistine, the executive editor of the Los Angeles Times, said in a statement. “We are optimistic that they will continue to grow in months and years ahead”