Apple to make available its most awaited augmented reality headsets in 2022

Apple to make available its most awaited augmented reality headsets in 2022

Augmented reality has become a fundamental part and its applications are finding entirely new ways to reach the audience. Needless to say, all the tech giants are paving ways to build an augmented reality system for the users that could assist them in various aspects. Many tech giants have come up with AR headsets and glasses in the past then how could Apple possibly stay behind ? 

Apple is planning to launch its first Augmented reality headsets in 2022, subsequently will also release a pair of smart glasses but not until 2023. As reported by The Information.

Earlier in October this year, Apple executives had discussed the timelines in an internal presentation to its employees confidentially at Steve Jobs theatre located in Cupertino, California. The roadmap and other important details were briefed regarding the project. 

IMG Credit: ComputerWorld

Apple desires to build the AR headset that is lightweight and easy to wear inclusive of an ultra-high resolution display with an ability to detect people in the field of vision and a dexterity to map the surfaces/edges of a room. Infallibly, these features would probably make a difference in Apple’s product apart from the uncanny resemblance in the design to Oculus Quest. Unquestionably, Apple has pushed the technology over the edges and its crowd-pleasing products says it all.

It has also come to know through The Information, that Apple is underway in creating lenses that darken when AR is used, of course when worn. The whole idea is to let others know that the wearer is distracted. The AR glasses are in the earlier stage of development and also execs think that it could also replace iPhone in roughly a decade. Hang around the impending change to technology in a new way, because these products from Apple really look promising.

Reportedly, Apple plans to reach out developers in 2021 and encourage them to build apps for the headset.