7 New WhatsApp updates anticipated by the end of this year

7 New WhatsApp updates anticipated by the end of this year

WhatsApp has become one of the most essential tools to communicate and is ceaselessly coming up with new updates and features since the time it came to prominence and has never failed its billions of its imperative users across the globe. Since the beginning of this year it has come up with new updates and features almost every month, and is yet to release subsequently despite of WhatsApp working on some features for quiet a long time. However, they are assertive of releasing a few features, updates and possible changes sometime soon for both Android and iOS.

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Although in the foreground, WhatsApp lacks a few features which are already present in other social chat apps and messengers and are prevalent. Regardless, whatsApp is keen on introducing them to make the user experience better up-and-coming. Following are the few features you should be expecting from WhatsApp expected to be released before the end of this year.

Self destructing messages– Self-destructing messaging apps that automatically destruct messages when the receiver reads them and/or sets a limit for how long the receiver can see a message before it gets deleted are flourishing and gaining popularity with its end-to-end encryption. Popular apps like Snapchat and Telegram already has the feature and now WhatsApp is also expected to introduce sometime soon.“The feature is in an alpha stage of development: it means that WhatsApp is just starting to work on it, and no ETA is available to know when the feature will be available for everyone” WABeta Info said in a post.

Hide muted status– An option to mute status update is already available on WhatsApp. Taking a step forward, the new update will allow the user to completely hide the status from the feed. However, you can always view the status if you want, you can enable it with the one-tap access.

Dark mode– This feature is extensively included on most of the major apps including Gmail, Facebook, Firefox, Google Calendar etc., and supposedly offers better experience to users when using devices at night. WhatsApp is the next successional app to this feature.

Ranking of contacts– The way you keep important people on your speed dial, similarly this feature of WhatsApp allows you to keep your favorite contacts or people you chat to the most on top of the list all the time. It automatically ranks the contacts accordingly by detecting your interaction with the most.

Multi platform support for whatsApp– With this feature WhatsApp will allow its users to use the app at different platform simultaneously and is expected to come as a standalone app for Apple’s iPad initially.

Boomerang videos for WhatsApp– As the name itself suggests, boomerang videos for WhatsApp will let you play videos in loop. A feature similar to the Instagram and the whole approach already existing, however new to WhatsApp. This new feature will be made available in the Video type panel along with the convert to GIF feature.

WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant– Promptly, this imminent WhatsApp feature will let users make audio and video calls on WhatsApp using Google Assistant. Preceding, Android users would have to update the WhatsApp and the Google Assistant app.