Google search’ new feature can assist you in learning pronunciations

Google search’ new feature can assist you in learning pronunciations

Google is launching a new feature to its search results that will help you learn the pronunciation of the words you are looking for. This surely is a great news to language learners as it might come handy for them to learn and practice pronunciations of words. However, the pronunciations are available in American English and Spanish pronunciations are anticipated soon.

Over the past few years the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has changed the entire landscape and is only advancing and diversifying with every “high-dimensional” challenges in nature.

You might think Google already has a feature that pronounces word, but the new update is that it’ll also now let you practice the word along with it and also give you a feed back. It has added a little “practice” button on the bottom-right corner. 

When you look up for the pronunciation of a word on Google, it will prompt you to a “speak now” button, where you can check your pronunciation by speaking the word, Google gives feed back based on your input and will also repeat the audio “like you said” and offer suggestions for the mispronounced words. By using the “practice” button you can repeat the words and seek Google’s help until you have pronounced it right.

IMG Credit: Google

“Advances in speech recognition and machine learning can improve the way we learn about languages,” Google says in today’s announcement. “We hope these new features give you a creative, more effective way to practice, visualize and remember new words. We plan to expand these features to more languages, accents and regions in the future” 

Google is also adding visual prompts to definitions and translations, which is a great add-on to its existing features. However, its only limited to nouns for now, but google intends to expand more in this  area.