Huawei’s Mate X to launch in China

Huawei’s Mate X to launch in China

Huawei is all set to launch it’s Mate X, the first 5G phone, but the sad part for all those eager to buy is that it is exclusively going to launch in China; at least for now.

At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February, Huawei showed it’s Mate X and now months after, it is all set to launch. It has a unique folding system which is different from that of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, in which the phone folds inwards like a book but, the Mate X folds outwards. Mate X can be used as a 8″ tablet or 6.6-inch screen phone with 6.6-inch screen on the front and a 6.38-inch panel on the back. Mate X comes with the bright OLED display.

Img Credit: Huawei

This Dual Sim soft screen can bend and stretch numerous times without compromise. The extraordinary stretchable hinge dissolve into the device for a smooth and flat finish on both sides of the device. The design also ensures that the screen does not over stretch while folding or bulge in unfolding. The power switch is integrated with the fingerprint reader into one fast and secure button. 

The most interesting news for people who like to use their phone all time and always have to worry about the charging issue is that, the Mate X charges with lightning speed, up to 85% in just half hour. 

“Our strategy is based on carriers’ 5G roll out in different regions,” said a spokesman for Huawei over email. Leading the 5G evolution, HUAWEI Mate X also supports Standalone 5G network which will be the mainstream solution in the future and also offers advanced dual sim that provides extensive access to 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G frequency bands around the globe.

At an event, Huawei said the Mate X will be available from Nov, 15 from 16,999 yuan ($2,400, £1,860), which is estimated to be two and a half times more than the iPhone 11 pro. 

Other phone companies like,  Honor, Oppo and Motorola have also confirmed they’re working on foldables of their own.