Mac Pro- computer only the rich can afford

Mac Pro- computer only the rich can afford

The long awaited Mac Pro desktop computer is finally here. Announced on June 3rd by Apple, this tech giant has finally released its next generation of Mac Pro on December 10th. Starting at $5,999 Mac Pro could cost up to a whopping amount of $53,000 with additional add-ons. That’s a bit steep. Claimed to be redesigned for extreme performance, expansion and configurability, Apple is pushing itself beyond limits of possibilities and setting a benchmark with both quality and price. Is it really worth spending so much merely on a computer?

Enclosure made with low-carbon aluminum, Mac Pro is a series of work stations and servers, is designed to reduce environmental impact. Mac Pro comes in two different forms- tower and rack mount. Although tower form is available for purchase, rack mount is not available yet and is expected to come soon. Regardless, both the forms are packed with the same powerful factors, performance features and configuration options.

Selecting a processor with the right number of cores for your needs largely depends on the software you are using. Mac Pro processor is configurable up to 28-core Intel xeon W processor and a memory configuration up to 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC in 12 user accessible DIMM slots. 

 The 8-core Xeon processor gives you the power to tackle everything from game development to video editing and more,  the 12-core and 16-core xeon processors are designed to simultaneously run multiple professional applications which is more suitable for tasks like CPU rendering, compiling large projects, running multiple virtual machines, and CPU bound computations, the 24-sore and 28-core Xeon processors with Turbo boost up to 4.4 GHz can help you tackle even the most demanding pro workloads. Selecting one of these processors will also allow you to configure your Mac Pro with 1.5 TB of memory using twelve 128 GB LR-DIIMS.

Mac Pro has a storage configuration up to 8TB of SSD storage.  SSD storage delivers significantly improved performance compared with a traditional hard drive.With more memory in your Mac Pro, you can run more apps simultaneously and work with larger data sets with a higher rate of performance and beyond shadow of a doubt Mac Pro appears to be ridiculously fast and also operates silently since SSD storage has no moving parts. 

Apple introduced ac Pro server in 2010 that included an Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz Quad-core processor, with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and later upgraded to Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz Quad-core processor in mid 2012. However, the Mac Pro server was discontinued in October 2013 with the introduction of second-generation computers. Apple on December 10th, has announced its third-generation Mac Pro at WWDC 2019. 

Mac Pro features a modular graphics expansion architecture called the Mac Pro Expansion Module, or MPX Module, that delivers more power and bandwidth and integrates Thunderbolt throughout the system.Mac Pro desktop computer offers AMD Radeon Graphics that configure two MPX modules with up to four GPUs, optional single or dual Radeon Pro Vega II with 32/64 GB of HBM2 memory or single or dual Radeon Pro Vega II Duo with 64/128 GB of HBM2 memory.  You can choose one or two MPX modules to configure the graphics in your Mac Pro, or add MPX modules later to change or upgrade your Mac Pro graphics capabilities.

Mac Pro is available for orders and the box includes, Mac Pro, Magic keyboard with numeric keypad, Magic mouse 2, USB-C to Lightning cable (1 m), Power cord (2 m). The dimensions of Mac Pro Tower form is 20.8″ in height and 21.9″ with optional wheels, and 17.7″ wide weighting about 39.7 pounds. Along with this, Apple also offers 90 days of complimentary technical support and a one-year limited warranty.