Porsche and Boeing collaborate to build a flying car

Porsche and Boeing collaborate to build a flying car

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Porsche and Boeing to build a flying car- a luxury, electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Boeing’s subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences, which Boeing acquired in 2017, will also work with these two giant companies.

As being partners the companies claim to create an international team to help address various aspects of urban air mobility, including analysis of the market potential for premium vehicles and possible use cases.

Source: Boeing

“This collaboration builds on our efforts to develop a safe and efficient new mobility ecosystem, and provides an opportunity to investigate the development of a premium urban air mobility vehicle with a leading automotive brand,” said Steve Nordlund, vice president and general manager of Boeing NeXt . “Porsche and Boeing together bring precision engineering, style and innovation to accelerate urban air mobility worldwide.”

However, they emphasized on the word “premium” which means that it won’t be available for the local public. The opulent infrastructure is not affordable for a common man and will be marketed only towards the deep pocketed. 

Boeing and Porsche, are among one of those companies that are working hard to pursue some form of urban air taxi service. Boeing, being one of the largest aerospace comany is equipped with resources and engineering expertise to get their flying car in the air sooner than most.

However, it was made evident that the joint efforts are still in the concept phase.

“Porsche is looking to enhance its scope as a sports car manufacturer by becoming a leading brand for premium mobility. In the longer term, this could mean moving into the third dimension of travel,” Detlev von Platen, one of the members of the executive board for sales and marketing at Porsche AG in Germany, reportedly said in a news release . “We are combining the strengths of two leading global companies to address a potential key market segment of the future.”

Boeing’s rival, Airbus also demonstrated it’s Vahana eVTOL aircraft in a test flight which was very similar to Boeing’s. The flying aircraft is expected to begin in 2025, so it could be a while before it steps up into the air.