Reachy- An open source humanoid robot

Reachy- An open source humanoid robot

Robotic automation and AI is a rapidly evolving technology that has revolutionized the industrial world in recent decades, and is predicted to gain popularity with its increasing adoption in other sectors as well such as food and health industry other than automobile and electronics manufacturing industries. 

With the evolution of AI, we now have Humanoid Robots that closely resemble to the human structures. For example, Sophia- the first robot ever to receive citizenship of any Country, developed by the Hong Kong based company, Hanson Robotics. Sophia Personified the company’s dreams of AI with its unique combination of science, engineering and artistry.

Humanoid robots are now the latest trend and one such robot was unveiled on Monday, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020, held in Las Vegas. Reachy!

Reachy is an expressive open-source humanoid robot, created by Pollen Robotics, a Bordeaux-based(FR) startup company founded in 2016 by developmental robotics lab researchers with a solid experience in AI and interactive robot design. 

Reachy is specialized in interacting with people and manipulating objects. It mimics human expressions and body language, with a free-moving head and antennas as well as bio-inspired arms. Designed to create real-world interactive and service applications, Reachy addresses the needs of academic researchers and innovation professionals with a turnkey AI robotics solution. 

In the era of AI and robotics, Pollen Robotics contend to bring simple, elegant and user-friendly design to users so they can stay focused on their very own applications of AI robotics. Moreover, pretty much everything Pollen Robotics make is open-source be it either software or hardware, all they aim is to foster knowledge-sharing in the community to kick-start the AI revolution.

The founders of Pollen Robotics Matthieu Lapeyre and Pierre Rouanet said in a statement, “We believe that these new human/robot interactions should be developed in a transparent and collaborative manner with researchers, artists, and end users in general. This is why our technology is fully open source. Our robots can be modified, personalized and analyzed without restriction”, expressing their delight to be a part of CES 2020.

This easy plug-and-play solution is built with prepackaged AI and modular robotics, to kick-start any real-world application. Reachy is fully customizable with open hardware, software and data.

We are Pollen Robotics, a Bordeaux-based (FR) startup company, founded in 2016 by developmental robotics lab researchers with a solid experience in AI and interactive robot design.

“User interaction is at the heart of our design: our robots are able to evolve in a complex and unconstrained world where man/robot understanding and mutual acceptance are necessary”, claims Pollen Robotics in their product presentation report.

12 Reachy are already in use in 6 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. (beta version).