The attack of the Roomba- Hilarifying

Hilarifying story of Roomba

The attack of the Roomba- Hilarifying

Getting captivated in a whirlwind of shopping, attending holiday parties, decorating homes, buying presents for friends and families during holiday season is a treat and not to be forgotten, watching the ever green classic Home Alone- is a tradition! Hands Down! We all know how little Kevin tackles the two con men all by himself when he realizes his home is about to be robbed. And the rest is history.

But this story about Thomas, a man from North Carolina will leave you in awe. Read further to know how Thomas and his wife had to endure a horrendous threat from a potential intruder. 

“Elisa and I were watching a movie, it was about 1230 after midnight, we heard a noise downstairs. We both were alarmed, we paused the movie and I had Elisa go to a safe place.
I immediately grabbed my gun, went to Elisa and we stayed there silently waiting to see if we heard more noises. We did, and in fact they were loud. Someone was definitely downstairs rummaging through things, and it sounded close to us.
I had Elisa call 911, they dispatched the police almost immediately, the operator asked if I was armed, we told her yes that we were armed and our location in the house.
As we were talking, we heard more noises downstairs and were increasingly alarmed. All my military training came back to me, I started analyzing the path the intruder would take, their line of fire if they entered the room in certain ways, and where we should be to decrease our risk of getting hurt.
All I kept thinking about and listening for was my little 2 year old next door to us, alone, and sound asleep. I was ready to do whatever I needed to do if I heard her door open.
Thankfully, I was able to use my phone to change lights and other things in our house with Amazon Alexa.
The police arrived within a minute of the call, excellent, and as soon as they pulled up we heard a loud sound downstairs, which seemed that the burglar was in a panic. I was ready to do whatever I needed to do to keep my family safe.
With my gun pointed at the door, we waited for instructions. The police came in and started shouting “Sheriff’s office!”
There were several police in our house by this point, we heard them downstairs, and the 911 dispatcher told us to set my gun down and come to talk with the police.
I opened our bedroom door, the police all had their lights shining up the stairs, I put my hands so they could see me, I was only in my boxers, lovely…I know. They all started holstering their weapons and said “Sir, I have one question…”
Me with adrenaline flowing rapidly, “Sure.”
Police, “Is this ROOMBA yours?”
My heart sank, Elisa and I had purchased a ROBOT VACUUM cleaner and it arrived 2 days earlier and had somehow turned itself on and was vacuuming our house without us having scheduled it!! It had gotten stuck in the hallway below our stairs which is close to our room, and it kept bumping into our walls which explained the noises we kept hearing.
I was so embarrassed, here I stood in my underwear, about 4 police officers got body cam footage of an almost nude and ashamed home owner.
They asked how long we had it, I said two days and they all started laughing. They were such good sports about it and said believe it or not this kind of thing happens often, especially around this time of year.”

Thomas shared this story on his personal social media, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s office liked it so much that it reposted on its page. People are going Ga Ga over the post and the comments are hilarious. After all, the incident itself was a perfect example of an oxymoron situation, hilarious and terrifying- Hilarifying.