Yandex’ Alice, the new smart speaker of Russia

Yandex’ Alice, the new smart speaker of Russia

Yandex- the Russia’s google introduced a new smart speaker which is only available for the Russian consumers .

Yandex.station is the new smart speaker in Russia, which is equipped with speaking intelligent assistant, Alice. Alice helps its users navigate their daily routines. Tens of millions of daily interactions can be made . Alice has been available on mobile since launch in October 2017 and is soon arriving in the car with Yandex’s connected car platform.

“With the introduction of Yandex.Station, we are excited to bring our intelligent assistant from mobile devices into the Russian home,” says Konstantin Kruglov, Director of Experimental Products at Yandex. “Our high-quality smart speaker offers Russian users the benefits of a highly localized intelligent assistant, unique options for audio and video streaming, and superior sound quality.”  

Alice is built with advanced conversational skills and understanding skills giving it an ability to both chat and to manage a range of tasks with the users, such as checking the weather or traffic conditions or finding a restaurant through Yandex services.

Yandex.Station provides a complete multimedia entertainment experience for home. Yandex.station not only plays music but also streams films, videos and television through its HDMI port to any connected display

Yandex.Station features a proprietary array of seven microphones, which enable the device to accurately hear voice commands from anywhere in the room. Yandex.Station delivers advanced sound quality that has a removable speaker grill for enjoying the sound in its purest form.

Yandex.Station features five acoustic components:
Two 20mm 10W tweeter drivers,
One 85mm 30W woofer driver,
Two 95mm passive radiators.
It is Bluetooth-compatible and measures 14х14х23cm.
Total system power: 50W.
Frequency range: 50-20,000Hz.
Signal-to-noise ratio: 96dB


Yandex.Station will cost 9,990 roubles which is around $160 and will be available this summer exclusively for their users and it also gives the consumers a complementary subscription to Yandex.Plus, which offers multiple yandex services